• Zoey Henderson

Welcome -here we go!

It all started with juice. My journey from juicing to coffee to a plant based life. It is not weird anymore to not want to consume animal products, in fact its pretty cool. Clean slate will be all about the food and the vibes not the absence of meat & dairy . Its not about preaching, its about creating a gorgeous space with tasty food, no big V, no pressure.

This blog is where we can talk about all things vegan (yes we said the word) delicious and nutritious food to help us thrive and the exciting Green Revolution that is proudly marching on.

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No one is perfect. Life is journey and we all have our separate paths to take. One thing that is certain, it has never been easier to follow a plant based diet and live a vegan lifestyle.

Knowledge is power and through social media, online platforms and on demand viewing with sites like Netflix finding information, documentaries and advice is abundant.

The world is changing, the planet can not remain the same forever. We are at the edge of a social revolution that is changing not only our diets but our compassion and how we affect the earth. Big stuff hey? It not that scary really, its simple and it all starts with what you put on your plate...