• Zoey Henderson

System change: How Covid-19 may change the hospitality landscape for good

We all work towards a greater good and become products of the environment around us but somewhere in the process we lost sight of what should be really important. Honest values, transparency, fair conditions, a connection to our body, mind and spirit and this may just be the time in which we all have the space to reflect and start to question the social norms we have created. In my world of hospitality, wellness and food we have created a disconnect that has built up unhealthy habits, working practices and a detachment from what we put into our bodies being the cause of many of the issues that come out. I took the time to speak to Micheal Tingsager from Hospitality Mavericks to discuss the system change that is happening and how leaders can use this time to focus on the real issues. Transparent food systems putting animals and people first, understanding the fragility of every brands most valuable asset, people and looking how to do the right thing in this time of crisis.

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