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After over 15 years in the hospitality industry; running venues, events and launching my own concepts, I now want to help others develop brands and create a point of difference. 

In today’s ever evolving world following a set career path isn’t the norm as it once was. From an entrepreneurial view point, there are many things to be learnt across industries that help cultivate ideas and concepts. 


My passion for the hospitality industry, food and its ability to change consumer behaviour, social conditioning and our health is driving all the choices I now make. CleanSlate is a creative concept and a foundation for my consultancy work. Menu development, operational strategy and writing and research into the no and low alcohol category.  


Putting more plant based meals on menus is a way we can all make an active difference for our health and the planet. We have the power on our forks to make a conscious decision to reduce our environmental impact and take our health into our own hands.

  • Develop dishes due to nutritional requirements

  • Create innovative options for events / catering 

  • Menu development to create more plant based options

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Working to a more sustainable future starts with businesses and is driven by consumer demand. Creating a unique offering that satisfies a need and demonstrates an original passion

  • New concept development

  • Menu development

  • Operations

  • Site acquisition

  • Project management  

Behind every great concept there needs to be a structure to help scale and operate as efficiently as possible.

  • Developing back of house systems to increase flow

  • Developing training and managerial development strategies



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The latest stats from Nielsen indicate sales of non alcoholic beverages in some categories are up by over a third. Britons spent a record £57 million in the 12 months to April 2019 on low or non-alcoholic beers, thats 39% up on 2018 and the equivalent of 12.5 million pints... Cheers to that!

The #nolo market is happening  - I have seen this development in real time through Redemption Bar and the no and low market bloom in the last 18 months, now I am totally #sobercurious.


I have been inspired and immersed by the growth of the no and low alcohol sector. NPD is bubbling and creating a brave new trend within our socialising habits. I want to engage with vendors looking to improve their offering and brands wanting to grow in this exciting category.

  • No and low menu development

  • Brand activation 

  • Training and development

  • Marketing insight and category research 



I have gained valuable insight and understanding from a brand, product and the consumer persecutive in the cafe/restaurant market and now the blooming no and low alcohol category. I am looking to work with clients in this sector, from brands looking for growth and awareness to venues wanting to understand better how to ensure keep ahead of new trends and consumer demand.

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